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Meet Father Rivers

Apr 26, 2022

Emily and Eric interview Wilton Cardinal Gregory, the seventh Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington and the first African American Cardinal—ever!—in the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal Gregory shares how he first encountered Fr. Rivers, what Rivers’ work meant to him as a young seminarian, priest and Bishop, and how he continues to pray in thanksgiving for Fr. Rivers’ work and witness. He explains how he came to possess one of Fr. Rivers’ pectoral crosses and what it means to him. Hosts and esteemed guest discuss Fr. Rivers as just one of many African American “hidden figures” in the Catholic Church and how important it is to remember and acknowledge their gifts to the Church. Finally, Eric and Emily process the conversation with some follow-up thoughts and share feedback from two listeners. Episode photo by Peter Ringenberg/©University of Notre Dame. Click here for the Episode 11 Show Notes.